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Name: Lenna Charlotte Tycoon
Class: Councilman's Daughter
Type: Water/Dragon
Ability: Master of Evolution
Level: 67

Pokémon Bonded: 24/30

Pokémon Attuned: 5/5

Starting: Lenna will be able to cast low level Water elemental spells reminiscent of the moves Bubble and Water Gun, as well as a time magic spell resembling the move Agility.
First Evolution: At this level, Lenna will gain a healing spell based on Aqua Ring but usable on others as well, and a multi-target Water spell reminiscent of Bubble Beam. She will also get a time magic spell that works like Trick Room. When submerged in water, Lenna will also have webbing between her fingers and toes to help her swim better, as well as a set of gills to help her breathe.
Second Evolution: When Lenna hits her last evolution, she will take on the Dragon type as a secondary type. Her water magic will cap out with spells resembling Surf and Hydro Pump, and she will learn Outrage and become immune to the Confuse status. She will also grow small Dragon type horns and a small pair of wings resembling those of a Dragonite.

Items: Flareon Slippers, Glalitite
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Name: Brantron
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Characters Played: Jinxie Tenma, Squid Girl, Chie Satonaka, Merrill


Character Name: Lenna Charlotte Tycoon
Character Canon: Final Fantasy V

History: Here!

AU History:
The Tycoon family is one of the noble families of Union, tracing its lineage back to the time of the Savior. There has always been a Tycoon serving the city of Union in some capacity for as long as anyone can remember and right up through the current day, with the family's headship currently held by Lenna's father, Councilman Alexander Highwind Tycoon. Her mother passed away from a rare illness afflicting only Dragon-type Enlightened when she was just a girl, choosing to die rather than take a medicine that could only be concocted from the blood of the family's Dragonite, Hiryu. Lenna had volunteered to do the deed herself, but her mother told her that no one's life was worth sacrificing the life of another to save, teaching her daughter humility and kindness. Now in her late teens, having grown up by her mother's example, Lenna is being groomed to inherit the family name and to take over her father's position someday.

This would all be well and good, if not for the Councilman's recent unexplained disappearance from Union. As a powerful Flying/Dragon type Enlightened with the Child of the Verdant Forest ability, Councilman Tycoon had often heard voices whispered on the winds and in his dreams from distant and mysterious sources, typically privately attributing this ability to hearing the voices of the gods. In recent months, his sleep had become troubled, his manner agitated, and finally he left with the family's Dragonite to address some unnamed crisis in the east, with little explanation to Lenna of why he had to go.

Several months passed by with no word from the Councilman concerning his whereabouts or whether or not he was safe. At this point, Lenna decided to take matters into her own hands, setting out by herself over the mountains to search for her father. While camped out near the Lake Shrine, she discovered several shards of a shattered Water Stone washed up at the side of the lake. Upon touching it, the stone resonated with Lenna, awakening her own dormant Enlightened powers aligned to the Water type and rendering the stone inert.

Heartened by her discovery and her new found abilities, Lenna set off over the mountain alone. Obviously, with no Pokémon at her disposal and no adventuring experience, she quickly ran into danger. It was only a chance encounter with a Hoppip that had been blown out of its home in the Verdant Forest by a sudden gust of wind that Lenna was able to fend off the wild Pokémon of the mountain to reach a safe peak, and even then it was a tough battle. Lenna didn't know it then, but she had just formed her first Pokémon bond.

With her trusty Hoppip, Bartz, at her side, Lenna eventually found herself face to face with Hiryu, her father's Dragonite. The Pokémon was gravely injured, its body curled protectively around an egg. Having studied herbal medicine in her youth, Lenna spotted an herb that would be an effective remedy for Hiryu's wounds, but it was located on the other side of a small field of poisonous flowers. Not wanting to risk injuring Bartz, considering his typing as part Grass, Lenna crossed the field on her own to retrieve the healing herb. She returned to Bartz and Hiryu with it just before everything went black.

When Lenna awoke, she was at the base of the mountain, being watched over by Bartz and with a Dratini egg in her possession. She had no memory of what had transpired after healing her father's Dragonite, but surmised that it had protected her and then flown her to safety after healing its own wounds. Frustrated at her failure and still with no answers, Lenna slowly made her way back to Union to rest and to take care of her new Pokémon egg.

The egg would hatch in due course, and by then Lenna was also recovered from the effects of the poison. Resolving not to give up until she had the answers she set out to find, Lenna immediately requisitioned the use of a Warp Band, bonding with Bartz and the newborn Dratini, which she named Alexander after her father. The three trained together in the forest for a time, and now Lenna is ready to set out anew.

Canon Personality:
In the world of Final Fantasy V, Lenna is associated with the element of water, represented by the emotional quality of devotion. Most often, this devotion takes the form of a quiet determination and inner strength that informs most of Lenna's decisions and actions. She sets off by herself to find her missing father despite the danger involved, intending to bring him back on her own if necessary. And later on, she wholeheartedly accepts the mission given to her by the Water Crystal, setting aside her personal circumstances at Tycoon Castle to pursue the higher calling of saving the world from ruin.

As a princess, Lenna is also unfailingly polite, and a little naive. She tends to speak in formal tones with everyone she meets, approaching others with open and honest intent and expecting the same treatment in return. This is where her naivete comes into play, as she seems to believe that as long as she treats others well and keeps her dealings honest and fair, that they will naturally reciprocate and help out of either the goodness of their hearts or respect for her candor. This often turns out not to be the case (such as when she reveals her identity as Princess of Tycoon only to be kidnapped by pirates), and it's a personal failing she has to overcome during the quest.

The other defining feature of Lenna's personality is her kindness and her propensity for self-sacrifice. When she finds her father's wind drake Hiryu injured on a mountaintop, she thinks nothing of endangering herself by crossing over a field of poisonous flowers to retrieve the dragon grass to cure its injuries. A similar encounter occurs later with Krile's wind drake, when Lenna ingests some of the dragon grass herself to demonstrate to the nervous dragon that it is safe to eat - despite the fact that it's poisonous to humans. She's also often the voice of quiet comfort among the party, looking after Faris after the loss of Syldra and becoming a surrogate big sister / mother figure to Krile following Galuf's death.

Finally, for all her kindness and consideration, Lenna is also very brave and willing to do what needs to be done when things get serious. She does not abide the presence of evil, and fights against Exdeath and his minions with just as much ferocity as the rest of the party. While she generally prefers to employ diplomacy first, once negotiations break down she is not afraid to pick up her sword and join the fight to protect the people and places she cares about. In this way, Lenna upholds her ideals without becoming trapped by them.

AU Deviation:
Considering the more mysterious circumstances of Lenna's father's disappearance in this AU, she is far more worried for his safety than her canon counterpart. And without the peace of the world itself being threatened in addition to this, she is far more focused on the singular goal of bringing him back to Union in one piece.

Having grown up as the daughter of a Councilman in Union rather than as a princess, this version of Lenna is also much less naive than she would be in Final Fantasy V. While still brought up as a noble and in the house of someone with money to spare, she has spent more time living near commoners, so she has a better idea of how the world works and how other people live.

Without the presence of Bartz, Faris, and Galuf in her backstory, Lenna has had to learn to be more self-sufficient. While hardly an expert in combat, she has learned how to use a sword to defend herself in the wild, and is proficient enough with melee combat and her Enlightened abilities that she is able to safely adventure on her own. Her main problem is that she sometimes becomes overzealous and takes on more than she can handle, as in the case of the mountain expedition.

Canon Abilities: Theoretically, Lenna has access to all of the available Jobs and the associated abilities thereof.

Enlightened Abilities: Lenna is an Enlightened with the Water type and the Master of Evolution ability, both granted to her by Water Stone shards she found at the Lake Shrine. Her abilities in-game will be roughly based on a mix of the abilities of the Red Mage, Time Mage, and Berserker jobs from Final Fantasy V, with some modifications with respect to her elemental typing.

Starting: Lenna will be able to cast low level Water elemental spells reminiscent of the moves Bubble and Water Gun, as well as a time magic spell resembling the move Agility.

First Evolution: At this level, Lenna will gain a healing spell based on Aqua Ring but usable on others as well, and a multi-target Water spell reminiscent of Bubble Beam. She will also get a time magic spell that works like Trick Room.

Second Evolution: When Lenna hits her last evolution, she will take on the Dragon type as a secondary type. Her water magic will cap out with spells resembling Surf and Hydro Pump, and she will learn Outrage and become immune to the Confuse status.

Starter Pokémon: Dratini and Hoppip

Notes/Special Considerations: Currently, my vague idea is that Lenna's father received some sort of prophetic vision or whispers from one of the various Legendary Pokémon - most likely one associated closely with wind or the sky, considering the associations between Tycoon and the Wind Crystal in FFV original canon. I don't have anything specific nailed down here, but I'm mentioning it because I'll most likely eventually submit a player plot for Lenna to find some trace of what happened to her father and where he ended up.

Additionally, I avoided making reference to Lenna's sister Faris in any way in this app so as not to constrain anyone potentially wanting to app that character into this game in the future. As a general note, I will plot with the player in question if this should ever come up and work with them to integrate Faris into Lenna's background assuming they want to do something generally resembling the events of the game. As Faris' circumstances aren't directly important to Lenna's AU as I've written it, though, for now I've left her out.


-What do you feel your role in Union is?
To continue the Tycoon family's tradition of service to the city of Union and the people living there, and to ensure the continued peace and prosperity of the city.

-What does the story of the Savior mean to you?
The Savior teaches us all that sometimes, true bravery means knowing when not to fight, and that true strength is the ability to own up to your mistakes.

-The gods of old have returned. How would you be judged if you were chosen as a representative of humanity?
That decision is up to the gods themselves, but I have always striven to live by the Savior's example, and work every day to make amends for my wrongdoings.

-When encountering a rare and powerful Pokémon, what is most important? Researching it, bonding with it, or defeating it? Why?
I don't think I would want to do any of those things. Rare and powerful Pokémon should be respected and allowed to live as they will. The matter of studying or bonding a Pokémon is never up to us alone - the Pokémon must make that choice as well.

-What do you do to ensure we never again awaken the wrath of the gods upon humanity?
We must continue to live in harmony with Pokémon, and remember that this world belongs to them just as much as it does to us. Humanity's hubris led it to think itself superior to Pokémon - we must remember that we are all equally deserving of respect and dignity.

-No Enlightened chooses their abilities - and not all are Enlightened. What type abilities would you most desire to manifest and why?
The Tycoon family has been very closely associated with the Dragon type since the time of the Savior, and the head of the family has always raised a Dratini into a strong and brave Dragonite as a symbol of their leadership. If I could choose any type for myself, it would certainly be Dragon, so as to carry on that proud and noble tradition.

-What aspects and traits do you respect most in your individual fellow man?
Kindness and understanding. There is a place for fighting, and sometimes it can't be avoided, but I think if people tried to understand and listen to each other more, we could avoid a lot of that sort of conflict.

-To what lengths would you go to rescue your allies if they were lost in the wilderness?
I would try my hardest to find them and bring them back safely. After all, wouldn't they do the same for me?

-What would you say the role of Pokémon is in your life?
Besides being tied to the history and the traditions of the Tycoon family, Pokémon are my treasured friends and allies.

-What do you seek for humanity's future?
That we might continue to live alongside Pokémon, learn from one another, and be responsible stewards of the world we all share.


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